25-years of experience in the Residential Development Real estate Market
The group’s founders have 25 years of experience in the real estate development sector, comprehensive investments implementations and financing solution. Our team has a vast experience acquired from leading and managing dozens of projects for leading construction companies in Poland

Metropolitan Investments was established by a group of professionals and experienced managers whose goal is to become one of Poland’s leading developers while introducing exceptional projects to the Polish residential market. Our goal is to leave our mark of excellence by creating unique and well-planned projects. Our Mission is to design and build projects that will meet the needs of the most demanding clients.

We design our projects to be perfect in every aspect. They are modern design to fit the rapid development of a Modern European capital city. We plan and design our projects according to the best practices and the results are outstanding designed investments, which serve its residents to the utmost. We cooperate with experienced architects and contractors to ensure the projects are thought threw the last detail.
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