Kompozycja Residence is located in the center of Konstancin in the great metropolitan area of Warsaw. It’s a perfect location for those whom esteem greenery surroundings, serenity and stillness and most of all proximity of Warsaw.
Konstancin - Jeziorna Is the only spa city in the Masovian Voivodeship area
This is a unique place on the map were you should come not only for most famous watering tower but also for nature reserve, bike trails, historic villas and mansions. This municipality is located among pinewoods were located highly specialised medical and rehabilitation institutions.
Border with the A zone (watering place zone) in Konstancin Jeziorna
Very good commuting to the city center
Shopping mall and restaurants in Stara Papiernia – 600m from our Investment
Vicinity of Palace Park
Vicinity of Spa Park
5km from Culture Park in Powsin
Surroundings of the investment

Konstancin – Jeziorna is the only spa town in Masovian Voivodeship area, its biggest advantages are perfect location 20km to downtown Warsaw center, own brine intake, watering tower, and beautiful landscape values

Private Park

Fell the smell of the forest, have some rest and relax away from the nervous rush in dizzying.

We are offering you a house with your own private park in serene surroundings perfectly commuted with Warsaw. The Kompozycja Residence offers it’s residents the opportunity to indulge nature in their backyard. The project’s residents will be able to smell the scent of the forest all day while being able to relax in a natural environment, away from the hectic fast pace of the city. We offer you a house with a private park in a quiet area while commuting to Warsaw is accessible.

Family leisure

Future residents of Kompozycja Residence may with their relatives enjoy their own private park situated on the plot or on the roof top garden or parterre garden.

Area is a perfect location for leisure on the fresh air, running, bike and skate rides and long walks.

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